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Who Should Attend Meetings

YOU, as a private citizen, small & large business operators, private, charter & public school, college employees, maintenance personnel, hospitals, health care facilities, City of Beeville and all rural Fire Departments, Ambulance services, EMS, local & state law enforcement officers, oil field operators, pipeline companies, highway transportation companies,  chemical & waste facilities, storage facilities, construction companies, plumbing companies, gas companies, Tx-DOT…THESE ARE JUST FEW SPECIFIC RECOMMENDATIONS TO SEND AT LEAST ONE REPRESENTATIVE FROM YOUR ORGANIZATION TO THE LEPC MEETINGS NOT COUNTING THOSE IDENTIFIED BY TCEQ & EPA AGENCIES LISTED BELOW!

State/Local Officials: ​Commissioner, sheriff, county clerk, attorney, mayor, state representative, state emergency management, or environmental agency official

​Law Enforcement: ​Police officers, police chief, sheriff, deputies

​First Responders: ​Fire chief, firefighters from county VFDs

​Emergency Management: ​Emergency preparedness coordinator, emergency/risk awareness coordinators for businesses

​Health: ​County health department, doctors, mental health hospital, hospital administrator/director, poison control center, nursing/rehab facilities,

Broadcast/Communications Media: ​Newspaper, website developers, public information, RACES, ham radio clubs, local weather reporters

​Print Media: Daily or weekly newspaper editors, reporters, trade journal editors/reporters​

Emergency Medical Services: ​Director of county ambulance, EMS technicians,

​Transportation: ​Highway department, school bus director, airport authority, tracking company, transit

​Local Environmental Groups: ​County extension office, environmental groups [such as Sierra Club, conservation groups, Audubon Society], school environmental program director

Community Groups: ​Red Cross, Salvation Army, special needs groups, animal shelters, ministerial alliance, chamber of commerce, garden club, Rotary club, Kiwanis, Lions Club, groups focused on environmental justice issues

​Facility Owners/Operators: ​Any representative from a facility using or storing hazardous materials in the county, highway transportation, railways, oil field production, pipelines, water & waste treatment plants,

​Other: ​Residents, homeowners association, ministers, school administrators, science teachers, farmers, construction companies, Schools – private, public, large volume businesses, banks, representatives of facilities subject to the emergency planning and community right-to-know requirements.

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