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Emergency Information

Where to Get Emergency Information

Know Where to Get Information

During an emergency, accurate information can often be very difficult to come by. Through the LEPC, several emergency notification systems have been put in place to serve residents of Bee County.


  • The Information Line is a phone number you can call to receive recorded information during a chemical emergency. Please do not call 9-1-1 just for information, 9-1-1 should only be used to report an emergency or request assistance from fire, police, and EMS.


  • NOAA Alert Radio- These radios can provide important emergency information for all types of hazards, not just weather.


  • i-Info Notification System - The system notifies you by phone, text, or email about imminent danger. i-Info alerts are automatically sent to residents in areas affected and include information about storms, fires, flash floods, industrial accidents, roadway closures, evacuations, crime bulletins, and other incidents that threaten public safety. Sign up at to receive notifications.


  • Local T.V./Radio and the Emergency Alert System (EAS) - The EAS can be used to send emergency information directly to T.V. and radio stations. Information may be presented in the form of a screen "crawler" or program interruption.


  • Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) - Bee County Local Emergency Planning Committee is available by phone at (361) 621-1567.

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